Home automation is all about making key components around your house or apartment easier and more convenient to use. There are countless benefits to doing this and the changes vary in price, so you should be able to automate some of your home’s features no matter your budget. 

Automated homes are often referred to as smart homes and it’s believed that around 5.7 million households in the UK now have these features.  This popularity is likely to be much higher in the years to come and our guide will look at the reasons why you should consider doing it and the key components you can upgrade with smart functionality. 

So, if you want to step into the future, home automation is the way to go. Continue reading to learn more about it and start making changes today.

What are the main benefits of home automation

As previously mentioned, the benefits of home automation are vast and you can expect to see convenience and money-saving advantages when you adopt these systems. The main benefits you can expect to see include: 

  • Save money by reducing your energy bills 
  • Improve the safety and security of your home using devices that detect and deter intruders 
  • Become more energy efficient by lowering your consumption 
  • Improve convenience as you can control your home from devices like a phone
  • Increase home comfort by setting features like lighting and temperature to optimal levels 
  • Make accessibility easier for those who don’t know how to adjust key components around the home

What are the different ways I can automate my home?


Automating your lighting means you can control the brightness using your phone. This means you can be more precise with your dimming to create the right ambience. Plus, you can turn lights on or off if you aren’t close to a switch. 

Many lights have PCBs in them too, so DIYers could take on a project of their own to add automated lighting to the rooms around the home.


Pick the perfect temperature from a central device to create a cosy and comfortable feel in your house. Heating systems can often be left on for too long typically but home automation means the system can shut off when it reaches a certain temperature or you can turn it off yourself without going all the way to your thermostat to do so. 


Automated lights and security cameras can alert you to anomalies around your property when you’re at home or on holiday. This detection can warn criminals away from your property or inform you that you may need to call the police. 

High-quality cameras may help police officers identify criminals when you report a crime too, which could mean you get your goods back if they’re stolen.

Each of these features can be easily updated by simply purchasing and installing the right equipment. Make the changes today to make your home safer, more comfortable and easier to control.